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Orange County Event Production

August 18, 2014

Orange County Event Production

oc event production


Planning a big event can be overwhelming, to say the least.  There’s so much to think about and consider.

Would you like some help?

orange county event production

Table Decor / Catering

In Orange County, Event Production can be found at Essence Entertainment.  They will help you with all aspects of your event, be it entertainment, props & decor, catering, audio/visual, specialty furniture, photography/videography…you name it, they do it!

To get started, there are a few things you want to nail down – Date of the event, Location (unless you need help with that, too), Number of Guests expected, and an approximate Budget parameter.  This gives Essence Entertainment the basics on which to build your event.

OC event production

Lighting & A/V

Then comes the brainstorming!  An opportunity to explore lots of different ideas, possible themes, etc.  This is when you’ll want to express your priorities, goals, and general desires, so they’ll be sure to be incorporated.  Working with a professional Event Production company can really make the difference, because most likely they’ll come up with lots of fun ideas as well as creative ways to stretch your budget that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

orange county event production

Specialty Furniture

After exploring the many possibilities, Essence Entertainment will then present you with a few of your favorite options in detail to choose from.  Brainstorming may continue as a result of this step.

When all aspects are finalized, you can sit back, relax, and rest assured that every detail will be attended to.  Including details like Timeline / Sequence of Events, how Formalities are handled, and of course, all of the logistics regarding delivery, load-in, set-up, and execution – all of which culminate in the success your terrific event!

orange county event production

Theme Props

So, for the best Orange County Event Production services, be sure to contact Essence Entertainment – it never hurts to work with the most professional and successful Event Production company in town!

oc event production

Aerialist / Martini Ice Luge



Wine Grape Stomping Event in Orange County

August 8, 2014

Wine grape stomping event in Orange County!

Orange county wine grape stompingOC wine grape stompingWine grape stomping is such a fun activity!  It’s a great way to add a little pizazz to your Italian themed event, or your wine tasting event, or just because…!!

It is exactly what it sounds like…wine grape stomping – wine grapes in a half cask on which you stomp with your bare feet.  Yes, it’s a strange, yet exhilarating feeling…and fun!

wine grape stomp orange countyWhen thinking of grape stomping many of you will think of the famous I Love Lucy episode where Lucy gets into a large half cask to stomp grapes with a local Italian gal in her 1956 Season 5, Episode 23, called Lucy’s Italian Movie.  In classic Lucy form, she was lined up to play a part in a movie called “Bitter Grapes” – she took the title seriously and decided to pick up some ‘local color’ – ultimately she gets in a fight with the local gal, gets submerged in the must (term for the grape juice and skins), gets stained head to foot, and then cannot be in the movie after all!  The Director has to go with Ethyl instead.

Lucy wanted her on-film first reaction to the feel of the grapes to be authentic so she did not rehearse with any grapes – grapes were only used when the scene was actually being filmed.  So, the reaction you see is real.  She was quoted later as saying, It felt like “stepping on eye balls!”

orange county cigar stationItalian Duo orange countyEssence Entertainment produced a wine stomping event last Saturday and it was a smash hit!  (Pun intended.)  It was held at the Pelican Hills Resort in Newport Beach, CA.  Double A Events utilized not only our wine stomping, but also Oscar our Cigar Expert and our Strolling Italian Duo, Eric and Fred (Accordion and Violin).  It was a lovely outdoor event on the Bungalow Lawn – the decor was fabulous, the food divine, the music lively, the cigars aromatic…and the grapes squishy!

OC grape stompGrape stomping has been in practice at least since Ancient Roman times (there’s evidence on a sarcophagus dated 200BC).  The stomping not only creates juice, but it also aids in the fermentation process, called pigeage (peej-ahje) – which literally means ‘punching down the cap’.  The grape skins and stems float to the top creating a ‘cap’, which needs to be punched down again and again, enhancing the fermentation.  Pigeage a pied is the act of punching down the cap with your feet!

Grape stomping with feet has been banned in America since the end of the 20th Century, so you don’t have to worry about anyone’s feet having been in your wine!

The event was such a success that Double A Events has already requested Essence Entertainment to produce another wine grape stomping event!orange county grape stomp

Interesting tidbit – we used Corinthean grapes, which are nick-named Champagne Grapes – they have nothing to do with making Champagne – the story has it that there’s a famous photograph of a small bunch of these beautiful grapes sitting on a table next to a glass of Champagne…thus the nick-name Champagne Grapes!

Novelty Acts in Orange County

July 22, 2014

Novelty Acts in Orange County

Novelty Acts OC

Novelty Acts in Orange County are generally performers who provide entertainment that is other than the typical Dance Band, DJ, Classical or Jazz Ensemble, and the like.  It is entertainment that adds special zing to your event!

So what is a Novelty Act?  I’m glad you asked!

Orange county Novelty ActNovelty Acts are things like Strolling Magicians, Caricature Artists, Face Painters, Look Alikes/Impersonators, Acrobats, Stilt Walkers, Comedians, Cabaret Artists, Cigar Rollers, Ballroom Dancers, Walking Candy Tables, Contortionists, Balloon Artists, etc., etc.

Novelty Act Orange CountyA Novelty Act can also be something associated with a Theme – for instance, Polynesian Dancers for a Luau, a Roper for a Country Western party, Crazed Fans and Paparazzi for a Hollywood themed event, Strolling Magician for a Vegas themed party, Synchronized Swimmers for a Pool party, or a Face Painter or Clown for a Children’s party.  Novelty Act Orange County

Where do you find these Novelty Acts?  Why, ask the experienced Talent Managers at Essence Entertainment, of course!

OC Novelty ActsThe Staff at Essence Entertainment can brainstorm with you and help you explore all of the different options available!

Orange County Novelty Act

Orange County Novelty Act

Holiday Music and Entertainment in Orange County

June 24, 2014

Holiday Music and Entertainment in Orange County

Well, believe it or not, it’s that time again, folks!Holiday entertainment

It seems to come around faster every year, I know, but if you’re planning on having some kind of event over the Holiday Season, now is the time to contact Essence Entertainment to start planning and reserving your Holiday Music and Entertainment.

Whether you’re planning a children’s party, an intimate soiree with family and friends, or a large corporate dinner party, the sooner you book your Holiday Music and Entertainment the better – you’ll have more options to choose from…and you’ll be able to check it off your To Do List!

Holiday music and entertainment

Cocktail Hour is the first impression your guests get when they arrive, so it’s always a nice idea to have some themed music and / or entertainment during this time. The classic and ever popular things like Holiday Carolers and Santa book up fast – so if you’re considering either of these items for your event, be sure to call Essence Entertainment soon!  Other ideas include Jazz Trio, String Ensemble, or even a Steel Drum Duo playing your Holiday favorites.

entertainment holidayThere are lots of fun atmosphere things to do as well.  By this I mean things like Santa, Photo Station, Strolling Magician, Look Alikes, Costumed Tray Passing Girls, Caricature Artist…

holiday entertainment and musicFor Dinner and Dancing a professional dance band is the way to go!  Lots of great music and fun energy!  Be sure to visit Essence Entertainment’s website to explore the many dance band options available to you.  Essence Entertainment also has many fabulous Disc Jockeys to choose from.

After Dinner Shows are also very popular, be it for a large corporate event or a small intimate affair.  Essence Entertainment can design a customized variety show just for you, provide a Celebrity Head Liner, or create a wonderful experience with any number of fantastic performers and shows.  Essence Entertainment has videos on the Acts available to choose from, be it a Cabaret Artist, a Comedian, a Comedy Magician, a mini Legends Show, a Vocal Group…so many ideas to explore.

Activities might be on your list of things to look in to…the always popular Casino Night is a great option, or why not diversify with an evening of Horse music and entertainment

entertainment holidayFor Family and Children’s parties the possibilities are endless – Santa, Elves, Face Painter, Caricature Artist, Strolling Magician, Stilt Walker, Temporary Tattoo Artist, Line Dance or Country Dance Instructor, Look Alike, Arcade Games, Photo Booth, Petting Zoo, Snow Garden, Bounce House, Climbing Wall…the list goes on and on!

Don’t delay – contact Essence Entertainment soon to start brainstorming and planning your upcoming Holiday Event!

Orange County Show Bands Feature

June 3, 2014

Orange County Show Bands Feature

There are many wonderful Orange County Show Bands and Essence Entertainment is proud to represent the best!

The term Show Band usually refers to the size and style of a Professional Dance Band, appropriate for Corporate Events, Fund Raisers, large Weddings, etc.  This type of band generally has 10 or more musicians, incorporates costume changes, performs choreography, and basically presents more of a “show” than a standard dance band.

Here are a few exciting examples of Orange County Show BandsThe Red Hot Band and Stellar!


Another definition of a Show Band is what is referred to as a Theme Band…a band which specializes in a particular style or genre of music.

The Hodads is an example of a Beach Band, and The Kelly Rae Country Band is an example of a hip, current country band.


The term Show Band can also refer to a band which features a particularly charismatic solo artist — Chuck Wansley is a perfect example of this:


To enjoy the many fabulous Orange County Show Bands available through Essence Entertainment, please visit their Website and their YouTube Channel.





Featured Performer – Tom Liston, Steel Drums

March 22, 2012

Not only is Tom Liston an exceptionally talented musician, he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!  Always with a smile on his lips and a kind, gentle greeting, it’s always a delight to have Tom at your event!.

Tom loves what he does…and it shows!

Tom plays a wide variety of instruments and plays a wide variety of musical styles.  We book him primarily as a Steel Drummer, but he also plays Trombone, Guitar, Banjo…too many to mention.  He plays in Steel Drum Ensembles, Dixieland Bands, Jazz Ensembles…again, the list is long!

Watch a few snippets of Tom playing LIVE!

Be sure to make a comment and let us know what you think!  🙂

Featured Video – DJ Bryan Wagstaff

March 15, 2012

We pride ourselves on having the best, most experienced, well-rounded DJs in town!!

Our DJs are experienced and professional; will act as your MC; will play the music YOU want to hear; will ‘go with the flow’ with confidence and ease as the event unfolds; approach each and every event with a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude to assure everything runs smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your event!

Today I’d like to feature our Disc Jockey BRYAN WAGSTAFF.

Enjoy his video below.

Please comment here and on our YouTube Channel – let us know what you think!

To see our other DJs, simply visit our YouTube Channel.

If you’re looking for a professional DJ for your next event (in Southern California, i.e., Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego…), be sure to call Essence Entertainment!

To learn more, see our About Pages (in column at right).

If you have a question, use the Form in the Contact Us Page.

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