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3 Fun Wedding Trends Emerging in 2011

October 13, 2011

I thought this article had some pertinent ideas for current wedding planning.  The 1920’s theme is especially timely, as Essence Entertainment just provided a 1920’s Jazz Band and Two Flapper Girls for the MPI-OC Meeting held on October 5th at the Fairmont Newport Beach – Corporate Clients like the 1920’s theme, too!


3 Fun Wedding Trends Emerging in 2011


It is the middle of the summer and we are right in the middle of wedding season. There have been several fun trends that have emerged in 2011. This article will discuss three of those trends and how you may want to incorporate them into your wedding if you are looking to have some fun this year.

Roaring 20’s

It seems that this year more than others, brides are turning to the Roaring 20’s for the themes of their weddings. The two features of this era that are the most prevalent are of course the attire and prohibition.

If you are looking to replicate this sort of theme for your wedding, the groom and the groomsmen will need to dress in their finest zoot suits, wind tipped shoes and over-sized hats with the accent feather. The bride and bridesmaids will need to wear long dusty lace dresses with beaded necklaces.

In addition to your open bar, why not serve up some good old fashion moonshine or bathtub gin. If you don’t know how to make either drink, there are a countless number of recipes on the Internet where you can find out how to make them.

Probably the best part about a roaring 20’s wedding is the music. This is no time to have your music provided by an iPod or a DJ. Ditch both of those choices and go with a jazz band. There will be nothing better than dancing the night away to a live jazz band.

Walking Down the Aisle

This trend isn’t really dedicated to weddings in 2011, but has increased year by year since the early 2000’s. Weddings are becoming more and more nontraditional and couples are looking to have much more fun during their ceremonies and receptions. One way couples are looking to have more fun is being creative with walking down the aisle.

Instead of traditionally having the bride be escorted by her Father, some couple are choosing to incorporate their entire families into this part of the ceremony. In some wedding ceremonies people have both sets of parents walk down the aisle with the couples to be.

Another great way to spice up your wedding day is to have a dance routine for the entire bridal party to follow. This is for those who really don’t want a traditional wedding. It doesn’t really matter if the bridal party can dance or not, this usually makes for a really memorable part of your wedding and if you are videotaping the event, this can be something that you can laugh about for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

This is another trend that is not exclusive to 2011 but these types of weddings have really increased over the past couple of years and they have continued to increase in 2011 as well. An eco-friendly wedding is where the bride and groom try to make their wedding event as environmentally friendly as possible.

If you are looking to pull off this sort of wedding, the first thing you would want to do is make sure that any sort of paper used before or during the ceremony be made from recycled paper. There are plenty of companies out there that sell wedding invitations, programs etc. on recycled paper.

Another great way to promote an eco-friendly wedding is to give away environmentally friendly wedding favors. If you do a quick search for eco-friendly wedding favors you will find things such as birds nest place card holders and seeded wedding favors that you can plant.

There are just three of the many fun ideas that are emerging in 2011 for weddings. For more information on fun wedding aisle runner ideas for wedding, visit

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MPI-OC October Event Hosted by Fairmont Newport Beach

October 7, 2011

Wednesday, October 5th, found us at the Fairmont Newport Beach Hotel attending the Meeting Professionals International – Orange County Chapter (MPI-OC) October 2011 Event.  Wow – what fun!

Can you spot yourself in this video?!

(OOOPS!  I’m still learning…I made Titles too big, even though they looked OK while creating video – I’ll have to go back and create video again with corrections!  Hope you enjoy it anyway – check back to see the corrected one!!)

The Staff at Fairmont NB outdid themselves and hosted a terrific event…quote “…they’ve set the bar very high!”   A lively 1920’s theme was accentuated by the Dave Eastly Jazz Trio (Upright Bass, Guitar, Violin) which played for Cocktails out in the Foyer, then moved inside the Ballroom and played throughout Dinner.  To further enliven the theme, two “Flapper Girls” greeted the Guests during Cocktails.  (Both provided by Essence Entertainment.)

Dinner was highlighted with a quick little “raid” (provided by Fairmont NB Staff), followed by the Keynote Speaker, Patrick O’   Patrick shared his valuable knowledge of and experience with Social Media, and highlighted areas particularly appropriate for the Event Planning industry.  He is an expert particularly with Linkedin, and I learned quite a bit from his presentation.  Thanks, Patrick!

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