About Blogger – Robin Kelly

Blogger – Robin Kelly

On behalf of Essence Entertainment, I, Robin Kelly, am pleased to provide a Blog for our Clients, Vendors, and Entertainers alike.  My goal is to provide a wide range of interesting tidbits about events, performers, How To’s, and whatever else seems appropriate and fun.  I encourage feedback / discussion, and look forward to hearing from you!

My association with Essence Entertainment began back in 198….long time ago… 🙂 … as a performer on a production show, an Assistant in the office, and then as a member of The Essence Band.  To date I have acted as Performer, Senior Talent Manager (for 10 years, through 2008), Band Leader, Emcee, Producer, Stage Manager, Marketer, Social Networker…the list goes on!

Mike Steffens and I have a long and delightful history together – we met as Music Majors at Calif State Univ Long Beach – and have been friends and colleagues ever since.  I am no longer working in a full-time capacity with Essence Entertainment, but rather as a contracted consultant (Social Networking & Marketing) and performer (Solo Artist, DJ, Stage Manager…).   I hope my experience with all sides of Event Design and Production will be helpful to everyone in one way or another!

Robin Kelly

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