A few 2014 Wedding Trends

2014 Wedding Trends

Essence Entertainment read a number of articles regarding the Wedding Trends for 2014 and a few ideas stick out…

Wedding Colors:

According to the Huffington Post and the Bridal Guide, PINK is back!!  Do you already feel like a blushing bride? Carry that sweet love over to your color scheme, says Tara Guérard, the event designer behind ultra-luxe Soirée in Charleston and New York. “It’s the nudes, the blushes, the peaches — not Pepto Bismol pink!” she announces.

Bridal Guide adds, The romance of the outdoors inspires West Coast brides. “I’m working in natural colors — creams, ivory, oatmeals,” says Beth Helmstetter of Beth Helmstetter Events in Los Angeles. “If we’re going more glamorous, brides love pops of gold right now.”

Metallics are huge!” Tara agrees. She’s seeing gold sugar stripes on wedding cakes, linens shot through with gold thread and one of her favorite looks — the subtle luxury of pale gold lampshades.

I read a couple of articles which stated that purple is still in, event though it was big last year.

colorFirst Choice Magazine weighs in:  the color of the year is Radiant Orchid. Hemlock, Cayenne, Sand, Paloma, Freesia, Purple Haze, and Dazzling Blue round out the most popular shades. Navy and royal blue are also hot colors for 2014.

They go on to agree that pinks, nudes, blushes and peaches are also big.

To hashtag or not to hashtag?

That is always a question, and according to wedding expert Rita Moore of La Valencia in San Diego, couples these days either unplug altogether from social media during the wedding – or go the opposite direction and make it a major element throughout. The #socialmedia #wedding includes selfies of every moment, a special #hashtag just for the wedding, and special pages or albums on Instagram, Facebook and beyond.

More than one article mentioned that many brides are requesting the event to be “unplugged”, to the extent that they kindly ask that everyone leave their phone at the Phone Check station…they don’t want the distraction, nor the wedding to be inundated with social media coverage.

On the contrary,  you can hire a Social Media Concierge – This is something for that couple that loves to over share every detail of their life on social media. This is a hired professional that will live tweet, update facebook and twitter, share pics and videos via instagram and Vine. Oh and these people don’t come cheap.

The After-Party

ABC News, among others, reports that the After-Party is gaining popularity:  Since wedding receptions tend to be for the whole family, planned after-parties are a popular way for the bride and groom to celebrate with friends late into the night. “After the cake is cut and the old folks go home, couples are organizing personalized after-parties in VIP lounges, special tents, or hotel suites, so they can keep the party going,” says Karen Bussen of Palladium Hotel Group.

It wouldn’t be surprising if even ecstatic newlyweds would show some signs of wear, like this groom, after partying all night!


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