7 Tips to Stay Organized with Wedding Planning

Here’s a Blog Post from a local Wedding Coordinator, Kerri Hatter – organizing tips are always handy to have!  Thanks, Kerri!

7 Tips to Stay Organized

June 19th, 2012

It’s officially “wedding season” so for many of you, crunch time is quickly approaching as you figure out the final details of your big day.  No doubt about  it, planning for a wedding can be stressful, but you can handle the stress by staying organized rather than turning into a bridezilla!  Aside from the obvious – hiring a coordinator, below are some other  tips that will be sure to keep you organized and let you relax and enjoy the big day.

  1. First, I recommend buying a calendar and a wedding-specific binder. Make dividers for each section and keep all contracts, vendor information, and timelines in the binder so it’s easy to find. Mark up the calendar with days for when items need to be accomplished.
  2. Share duties with your partner. Make your groom feel like he has a part in the planning (remember this is his day too). By talking and sharing, you both will be able to foresee and avoid any future problems.  Grooms come up with some of the best ideas too, so make sure to include him and let him add his personal touch to the big day too.
  3. Set aside specific days to accomplish tasks and enlist friends and family to help.  It takes so much less time to stuff envelopes and assemble favors when you do it as a team and it’s an easy way to let people help. You will get a lot more done by using your specific wedding planning days and you will feel much more relaxed during your time off.  It’s also important to be flexible when planning so you don’t get bogged down.
  4. Figure out a budget on paper. Find out who will be paying for the wedding and come up with numbers for each category, ie: food, music, flowers…  and don’t forget tipping and misc. last minutes items!
  5. Create a timeline for the week of the wedding.  Make sure you allow enough time for all your tasks to be completed, ie: when to pick up tuxes, dropping off items to your venue, hair/makeup…
  6. Make decisions and then move on.  There is so much information available to us these days that you can go crazy looking at websites and seeing new ideas.  Once you have decided on your floral design, linen colors, table numbers, etc. then stop looking at those items on line!
  7. Of course, hire a coordinator!  If you have put this much time into your planning, leave it to the experts to execute it for you the day of the wedding.

You can find Kerri and many other helpful vendors at ABC – Association of Bridal Consultants.  Here’s a link to my local chapter in Orange County, CA.  However, visit the national website to find a chapter in your area!

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7 Comments on “7 Tips to Stay Organized with Wedding Planning”

  1. Awesome post! It’s definitely important to keep things fun and exciting with as little stress as possible.

    • Hey, Shauna and Daniel, Northern Pixel Photography!
      Thanks for commenting on my Post! I visited your site – lovely photos and the scenery is amazing! Hard to find those kinds of backgrounds in Southern California… 🙂
      I’ll be in BC next month (near Squamish, north of Vancouver) and I can’t wait. I see Prince George is quite a bit north…beautiful country!
      Thanks again,
      Essence Entertainment

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  5. Bobby Kranc Says:

    Great points!!

    I think, wherever and however possible, that it is always a great idea to get professional help with these matters!

    I’ve met, personally, with numbers of nice folks who are trying to do it all themselves…….and, though it can be done……it can also be overwhelming in detail!

    Sometimes it’s really nice to have someone who can hold your hand, and assure you that it’s all going to be as wonderful as you always imagined!!

    Bobby Kranc

  6. Sarah Says:

    Great tips, I think planning a wedding is completely manageable on your own if you don’t go overboard with obsessing over every detail. You seem to have a good balance.

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