Act as if…

Act as if you were already happy and that will tend to make you happy. 

-Dale Carnegie

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2 Comments on “Act as if…”

  1. Bobby Kranc Says:

    It will also make some people wonder what you’re up to!

    But I digress……I agree with Mr. Carnegie!!

    And, as the song says….’don’t worry…be happy’!


    • Ah, yes…Don’t Worry, Be Happy…of course! What a great song! And so appropriate! I pulled Bobby McFerrin’s version up on YT and really enjoyed listening to it again – it has been years since I’ve really listened to it. Love the message, and as a Vocalist, a really enjoy his vocals! I’ll have to dig out his CD (I should have one or two somewhere) and listen to McFerrin again. Can I embed his YT video here? Let’s try it:
      It’s hysterical…with Robin Williams…goofy…from 1988! I had no idea it came out so long ago! (…or am I just getting old…?!) 🙂
      If embed didn’t work, here’s link:

      Really enjoyable.
      Thanks, Bobby!!

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