Gratitude for FANTASTIC Weather

We are soooo SPOILED here in Southern California – we have so MANY days of beautiful weather!

Today is no different.  Here we are in the second week of February, when most of the rest of the country is wallowing in rain, snow, cold, wind…and we’re basking in glorious sunshine!  Wow – are we lucky, or what?!

I thought today I would just impart a simple reminder to be grateful for all of our favorable circumstances…our friends and families…our fabulous weather…Friday…the new people we met this week…the exercise class that’s keeping us healthy…the sunshine…the yummy cup of coffee (or whatever is yummy for you)…our well paved roads and running water…our pet who greets us with unconditional love every time we walk in the door…

Now keep adding to the list running in your mind…and remember to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life (rather than dwelling on the negative or uncomfortable things).  What we focus on…multiplies and increases.  Why not focus on the…well, the fantabulishus weather?!!

I stumbled upon this short video (less than 3 minutes) – I have no experience or prior knowledge of this gal or her business…I was just poking around YouTube – but she captures this idea…

Claire McFee

I like Claire’s suggestion of writing these things we are grateful for down on a sheet of paper (or in a journal, or whatever) – no matter how small or trivial the ‘thing’ might be.  It helps us focus on the positive ‘stuff’ in our lives and gets us away from the negative.

This is a good reminder for me (I have a tendency towards dwelling on the negative stuff in my life…) – however, I will amend that urge throughout the rest of the day – care to join me??

Now, share with us – what are you grateful for today…right at this moment?

With Joy,


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2 Comments on “Gratitude for FANTASTIC Weather”

  1. mike Steffens Says:

    Another great post Robin. We all need to remember to be grateful for the many joys in our lives whether it is the beautiful weather we have in SoCal in the winter, or more important matters such as the opportunity we have each day to make new friends and influence the lives of others in a positive way. I know one thing for sure, I am grateful for Robin! Great post!!!

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