Goal Setting for a Terrific 2012

Happy New Year!

Can you believe we’re already ensconced into the year 2012?!  Time just keeps flying by…faster and faster… !

In order to take full advantage of every passing hour, day, week, and month, setting goals at the beginning of a new year is a popular pastime.

However, setting achievable goals, keeping track of what it will take to achieve such goals, and setting a deadline date by which each goal is to be completed, are tasks not regularly accomplished.

I’m guilty of not being clear and concise with my goals, and have rarely attached a hard ‘Must by completed by’ date.  I have the tendency to set large goals without thinking about the different steps it will take to achieve the goal, i.e., creating smaller, incremental steps/goals towards the larger goal.

I have been doing a lot of self-improvement training over the past year, and from a webinar with John Assaraf, I learned about the successful ways to set and achieve goals.

Here is a link to a short video (less than 3 minutes) by John, talking about the basic steps of goal setting.  He encourages us to have goals in all facets of our lives (i.e., health, relationship, career, business, spirituality, charity, etc.); to write them down (being very specific about what you want to achieve); attaching a ‘completed by’ date; and then write down the steps needed to achieve each goal (i.e., what can I do today towards this goal, this week, next week, next month…towards a 1 year goal, a 3 year goal, a 5 year goal…you get the picture).

John Assaraf     (visit John’s website for more info)


I encourage you to think about the short and long term goals which are currently swimming around in your head, take the time to write them down in detail, and then list the smaller steps needed to get to each goal.  These smaller steps are generally easy to achieve, and will provide you with reasons to celebrate your success more often!  It’s like eating an elephant – one bite at a time.  The idea of a large elephant sized goal can be daunting, but writing down what you can do “tomorrow” towards achieving the goal is much more palatable.

Here’s to your success in writing down your goals and completing the first few baby steps towards each goal.  Be sure to allow yourself to CELEBRATE each and every success!!

I’d love to hear about your goals, your steps, and your successes – and I look forward to supporting you and helping you with your steps/goals along the way!

Be sure to write a comment, share this with friends and family, and keep us posted on your progress.

In this public forum, I commit to writing down my goals by this coming Sunday – you can help hold me accountable!  🙂

Let’s make 2012 the best year EVERRRRRR!!

With joy,
Robin Kelly
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4 Comments on “Goal Setting for a Terrific 2012”

  1. This was a great help Robin and I enjoyed the video! Now I just have to follow the advice!!!!

    Mike Steffens

    • Mike,
      Glad you enjoyed the video! Now – let’s get you started…with your own sheet of paper, or maybe with Marie’s Worksheet, write down one ‘big picture’ goal, then break it down into a few smaller “bite” sized, easy-to-complete goals, with due dates.
      No better day than today to ‘get started’! 🙂
      Let us know how you do!

  2. lifecoachmarie Says:

    Sweet post – glad you added a video, really motivating. I’m with you – setting goals is what really makes things come together. I put together a little goal planning worksheet – maybe that would be helpful to other readers? http://wp.me/p22Vnn-2R

    By the way – did you achieve the goals you committed too?

    • Marie,
      Thank you so much for contributing to the conversation! Your Planning Worksheet works great with the idea of breaking down our big goals into smaller, more easily achievable ‘bites’, each with it’s own due date, etc. I look forward to exploring your website further!

      Those of you looking for additional goal setting tools may find Marie’s Worksheet helpful.

      My goal this week was to research and attend Toastmasters meetings…to date I have attended three Toastmasters meetings, with a fourth scheduled tomorrow morning. As a result, I have met numerous like-minded entrepreneurs, have been invited to numerous other meetings, one of which I attended this morning (Women’s Business Connections, Irvine, CA), through which I’ve met additional business owners and have scheduled a training this Saturday with one, and just got off the phone with another, accepting her invitation to attend another event Saturday after my coaching session. What fun!

      My ‘goal setting’ date of completion is on Sunday – thank you for helping me be accountable for that deadline. I’ll keep you posted!

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