Check Out New Additions to our YouTube Channel!

Hope you all enjoyed your Holiday weekend!

Well, I’ve been busy adding new videos to our YouTube Channel, creating Playlists, etc.  There have been times when I’ve had my laptop plus two other computers here in the office all uploading to YouTube at the same time!  (Never a dull moment…)

New Playlists are:

  • Bands
  • DJs
  • Theme & Variety
  • Ask Mike!
  • Wedding Music Samples

All Playlists and Videos are viewable by visiting our channel:  EssenceEntertain1

I hope you enjoy watching our talented Performers anytime you have a moment to visit our YouTube videos – and don’t forget to Like and Leave a Comment!  Thanks!

Visit often as I am constantly adding new stuff!

Here’s the NEW Hodads video – let us know what you think of it!

If above video does not function correctly, click on the Band Name below or copy and paste the URL below that:

The Hodads Party Band

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4 Comments on “Check Out New Additions to our YouTube Channel!”

  1. Thanks to our loyal followers and your patience with YouTube’s changes…the above video seems to work everywhere but in the email notification version you were sent…I’m trying to figure out why it doesn’t work there even though it works fine everywhere else…I used the “old” URL code and everything!
    If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears!

  2. Alison E. Says:

    Howdy –

    We tried to open the Hodad link by clicking on the pic, but kept getting bad pages. Is it still a good link?



    • Hi,
      Not sure why the emailed version of the Post has occasional issues…I’m working on it.
      Thus the reason I put the link in separately for copying and pasting directly into YouTube.
      Try going directly to our Blog for better viewing –
      Let me know if that works better – thanks for your feedback!

      Anyone else out there have any suggestions regarding Blogs sent to Subscribers, and why the
      emailed version of the new Posts have issues…and how I can create Blogs which don’t have this issue?

  3. Bryan Wagstaff Says:

    Good video. How long ago did you shoot it and how many of the 9 members on the video are still in the band?

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