Are you a List Maker? You’re not alone!

Are you a chronic List Maker?  Come on…don’t be shy to admit it…

This article by Jessica Gross talks about a rarely discussed habit many of us struggle with.  I’m a minor list maker, but I can certainly relate to the issue…how about you?

After reading Jessica’s article, be sure to comment so similar List Maker’s won’t feel alone!

After reading her article, I especially enjoyed reading comments from others…very insightful!

“Some people keep notebooks. Others keep lists. One type wants to remember; the other wants to forget. What’s not clear is who’s happier for all the scribbling. Confessions of a list-aholic.

Click on this link to read article…and don’t forget to comment (both here and on her page…!).

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2 Comments on “Are you a List Maker? You’re not alone!”

  1. I make lists everyday and would be completely lost without them! I feel that having a “to do” list helps me to track my tasks and as I finish the tasks and cross them off the list I have a strong sense of accomplishment. Lists are a good thing!

  2. Tim Rueb Says:

    I currently use ‘tasks’ in my gmail/calendar and love it. It’s like my own little list maker. I have the android app to sync my task list so it’s always with me. Now if Google could get the list to share to other accounts I could really go crazy with lists! 8)

    Good Hunting.

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