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Paul Seaforth Jazz Ensemble and DJ Sean hit home runs!

June 10, 2014

One of Essence Entertainment’s finest Jazz Ensembles, the Paul Seaforth Ensemble, and our terrific DJ Sean, hit home runs…and we sure appreciate them for it!

They played for Brittany and Mark’s Wedding at the Surf and Sand Hotel on Saturday, June 7th, 2014.  The Paul Seaforth Ensemble provided a Trio for the Cocktail Hour and a 5-piece Ensemble for Dinner.

Paul Seaforth Ensemble

Paul Seaforth

The Mother of the Bride said it all:

Dear Mike, Paul and the band,

 I just wanted you to know how very much Paul and his ensemble are appreciated!  Your work seemed effortless, well rehearsed and sounded like a  million bucks!    Everything you played and sang was truly amazing!  It was just so spectacular I want your hard working team to know how amazing they all are!  You created an atmosphere that is simply unforgettable!  Your music brought tears to my eyes and the entire ballroom!!!  Soooo beautiful, soooo wonderful, soooo heavenly-I felt like I was in a dream.  You are so creative and special.  The music was truly  awesome!!!  You gave us your very best and we can’t thank you enough for making this job a priority in every way.

I hope you can keep a file for me sot that I could duplicate the music with Paul and his group at another time!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making Brittany and Mark’s Wedding Day as special as they are!!!

With admiration for all you do!!!

Linda – Mother of the Bride


Paul was followed by our very own DJ-Sean, who continued with the success of the event.

Linda had this to say about Sean:

I just realized I neglected to mention the DJ!  He was awesome with the kids and got everyone dancing for hours!  Soooo much fun!  Best wedding ever, I’ve been told over and over!

Thanks, again!  It really was a pleasure and I couldn’t have been more pleased!!!


Their Wedding Coordinator, Natalie Vishny, also had nice things to say:

“To Mike at Essence Entertainment:  Thank you for sending out your very best.  Everything was perfect from beginning to end.”

Kudos to Paul and Sean!


Featured Performer – DJ Paul Ullrich

July 26, 2012


So sorry if Bastille Day Video was not visible in your previous email – please click here for easy access to the previous Blog Post where video is viewable.  Thanks!

DJ Paul Ullrich

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

DJ Paul came by today – always great to have our performers swing by for a visit!  Great seeing you, Paul!  (Enjoy his video below!)

“Thank you to our DJ, Paul, for an amazing job at our company’s holiday party. Paul has a great personality and is extremely professional. His extensive knowledge of music allowed him to keep all age ranges at our party entertained. The dance floor was packed all night!”

- Jamie (St. Regis Hotel)

“Our guests enjoyed Paul. Good variety of music. He had a lot of music that was requested.”

- Cumming Corporation Holiday Party (Pala Casino & Grand Cabaret)

Just one more example of our fabulous DJs!

Paul can also provide live vocals at your event, if requested.

Why Hire a Professional DJ?

June 12, 2012

Why should a Bride and Groom hire an experienced, professional DJ?

Well, this video shows one aspect of why it’s important…I warn you – it’s painful, and telling.  Any Bride wondering if she can save a few bucks by not hiring a Professional DJ will think twice…

With 81%** of wedding guests surveyed in a national poll saying that the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment, the quality and style of the entertainer you choose can very dramatically influence the enjoyability of your evening for both you and your guests. Certainly something to think about when debating whether to splurge on chair covers or entertainment.

Here’s a related article on the importance of hiring an experienced, professional DJ from an Entertainment Company like Essence Entertainment.  (See other video below with “iPod” experience…yikes…!)

Why Hire a Professional DJ?
Ohio Wedding DJ'sWith today’s economy, many couples are looking for ways to save money on their wedding. You may be wondering to yourself “why spend hundreds of dollars to hire a professional company when my friend, a DJ from an online classified ad, or an MP3 player can do the same thing for less?” But, remember: like choosing a photographer, dress designer, or cake artist, hiring a DJ is not always an “apples to apples” comparison. While you might pay less for the services of an amateur entertainer, you may not be buying an equivalent product. Differences in quality and style can make a very big difference. The abilities of your DJ selection can determine how enjoyable your reception is for yourself and your guests — whether your dance floor stays packed all night long or whether everyone leaves by 9:00 P.M.

While it is certainly true that, like higher-quality photographers, dress designers, and cake artists, a professional DJ company may not be your lowest bidder, here are a few good reasons to choose one anyway:

  • Experience: how much experience does the person operating the sound equipment have, not only with the equipment itself, but with public speaking, crowd control, and problem solving? Even using professional-grade equipment, an amateur DJ may not have sufficient knowledge to effectively use all those knobs and buttons to their best advantage. The resulting sound may not be much better than your boom box. A professional DJ will know how to evaluate acoustics, “read” the crowd to keep them dancing, speak with good diction, be tactful with guests, and anticipate the needs of the bridal party.
  • Peace of Mind and Good Memories: what do you want to remember most about your reception? Worrying whether your caterer knows it’s time to pour the champagne or if your photographer knows it’s time to cut the cake? Coordinating your reception instead of dancing? Cheesy announcements? Cueing and re-cueing the MP3 player? Listening to songs you don’t particularly like or maybe have never heard? Hiring a professional DJ company allows you to relax and actually enjoy the party you’ve spent so much time planning.
  • Reliability: what will happen if your friend or amateur DJ develops an illness, equipment failure, or transportation problem? With a professional company, replacement equipment and additional staff should be readily available.
  • Equipment: is the stereo setup able to produce high-quality sound sufficient to fill your reception hall but still sensitive enough to prevent the music from blaring or becoming distorted? Do you need a microphone for toasts or other events? A professional DJ company will utilize specialized equipment designed to fill a large hall without distortion and will have microphones available for speeches and announcements.
  • Etiquette (Professionalism): how will your DJ dress? Will your DJ adhere to your “must play” and “do not play” lists? Will your DJ be set up early and ready when the guests arrive, or still be loading in at the beginning of dinner? A professional DJ will partner with you in planning, paying careful attention to your musical preferences. The DJ will arrive early and dress appropriately for your event, according to your preferences, typically in tuxedos or other black-tie eveningwear.
  • Music Variety: will your DJ have access to all your favorites? What about newer music? Professional DJs often have access to new music before it is available for purchase to the general public. A professional DJ stays up-to-date on the latest music.

If you are very brave, you can watch this video courtesy of the American Disc Jockey Association entitled “iPod Wedding Disaster”… While not exactly a “disaster,” I warn you — it’s not pretty. The excitement — or lack thereof — starts about 1:50 in. It points out — “You have worked countless hours and spent thousands of dollars on decorations, food, beverages, flowers, etc. But if your guests leave early, how will they ever enjoy your hard work?”

With 81%** of wedding guests surveyed in a national poll saying that the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment, the quality and style of the entertainer you choose can very dramatically influence the enjoyability of your evening for both you and your guests. Certainly something to think about when debating whether to splurge on chair covers or entertainment.

(Today’s Bride – Magazine & Shows)

Essence Entertainment specializes in experienced Professional DJs – Don’t let this happen to you – let us help you have a successful and wonderful wedding day!

Do you have any questions about hiring a DJ in Southern California?

Do you have a related story you’d like to share with us?

Paul Williams performs for Anthony Lienau’s Birthday

May 9, 2012

Wow!  What a treat!

Robin Kelly with Paul Williams

Robin Kelly with Paul Williams

Paul Williams, Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe winning Hall of Fame songwriter, performed by special request with his accompanist, Chris Caswell, on Sunday, May 6th, for Anthony Lienau’s Birthday Party hosted by his lovely wife, Holly.  Held at the Lienau home in Rancho Santa Fe, Anthony was surrounded by 50 of his closest friends and family for this special evening.

Guests arrived at 5:30pm and enjoyed 90 minutes of cocktails & hors d’oeuvres on the back patio, enjoying music provided by Sean Tayco (Essence Entertainment DJ).  At 7:00pm, Sean encouraged guests to refresh their beverages as they were invited into the living room, which had been transformed into “Anthony’s Supper Club”.  Champagne was poured and anticipation grew as the guests awaited the entrance of Paul Williams.

Anthony's "Supper Club"

Anthony’s ‘Supper Club’

Lienau Event PosterFollowing a warm standing ovation upon his introduction (which I had the honor to present), Chris (who has been working with Paul since 1976) played the beautiful baby grand piano and Paul sang and shared fabulous stories of his life and career.  Paul made the show very personal, intimate, and customized, including a last-minute special request of Anthony’s, “Loneliness”, which I thought was one of the best numbers of the show!

Following the show, Paul very graciously stayed for a short meet & greet and photo op, the highlight of which was when he autographed a piece of  sheet music brought be one of the guests.

Paul Williams autographs sheet music for guest

The guests loved the show and both Paul and Chris said they enjoyed themselves very much!

Robin Kelly with Chris Caswell

Robin Kelly with Chris Caswell

I had the pleasure of being Event Manager and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know Paul and Chris – SO nice…genuine…easy going…truly lovely people.

Bryan Wagstaff (Essence Entertainment DJ & A/V Tech) provided sound for the show, as well as perfect stage lighting which created an intimate ‘supper club’ ambiance.

The show was followed by a beautiful dinner buffet, and DJ Sean had the guests out on the dance floor enjoying the music in no time!!

Essence Entertainment is very pleased to provide, once again, elite, customized entertainment for this returning client (Holly has used Essence Entertainment numerous times for her philanthropic fund raisers).

Thanks again to Paul and Chris for being so accommodating and gracious – they went out of their way to make Anthony’s evening truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Paul Williams performs at Anthony Lienau's Birthday

Paul Williams performs for Anthony’s Birthday

Will the DJ also be the MC at my Wedding?

April 19, 2012

This is an important question!

YES - with Essence Entertainment you can rest assured that all of our Disc Jockeys are also professional and experienced MCs (Masters of Ceremony)!

Wedding Receptions, especially, have many formalities, introductions, and announcements that are important for the overall flow and success of the event.  Having a professional MC to coordinate with your Bridal Consultant, Catering Manager, Photographer, etc., and make the appropriate introductions and announcements the way you want them done, is not only critical to the success of your event, but it will also allow you to relax and enjoy your event without having to worry about the schedule.

At Essence Entertainment all clients are encouraged to conduct a Planning Session – this is where the timeline and schedule of formalities are discussed and customized for you and your event.

Things like… your Grand Entrance…is it Bride & Groom only?  …with Bridal Party?   Does it go directly into the First Dance?  Are Parents and/or Bridal Party invited to join First Dance half way through?

This is just a very small sample of the kinds of things we discuss in a Planning Session.  Your musical requests are also a big part of the discussion.

From this Planning Information and discussion with our office, our DJs are prepared for your event long before the ‘big day’.  They will then conduct the formalities when and in the manner in which you desire.

Be sure to visit our YouTube DJ Playlist to watch videos of our DJs and see examples.

Featured Video – DJ Bryan Wagstaff

March 15, 2012

We pride ourselves on having the best, most experienced, well-rounded DJs in town!!

Our DJs are experienced and professional; will act as your MC; will play the music YOU want to hear; will ‘go with the flow’ with confidence and ease as the event unfolds; approach each and every event with a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude to assure everything runs smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your event!

Today I’d like to feature our Disc Jockey BRYAN WAGSTAFF.

Enjoy his video below.

Please comment here and on our YouTube Channel – let us know what you think!

To see our other DJs, simply visit our YouTube Channel.

If you’re looking for a professional DJ for your next event (in Southern California, i.e., Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego…), be sure to call Essence Entertainment!

To learn more, see our About Pages (in column at right).

If you have a question, use the Form in the Contact Us Page.

New Orange County DJ Videos Uploaded to YouTube!

February 7, 2012
Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

The DJ Video Shoot we conducted has produced SIX NEW DJ VIDEOS which have been uploaded to our YouTube Channel – they’re waiting to be viewed!

Take a look and let us know what you think…

Click on YouTube logo above right to go to our YouTube Channel, or view below.

(The DJ Video Shoot video is at bottom of page in case you haven’t seen it yet!)


…and ‘Like’ where appropriate…!


Bryan Wagstaff

Paul Ullrich
Sean Tayco
Bobby Kranc
Joel Miller
Jack Mitchell

Here’s the DJ Video Shoot video…just for fun!!

Featuring Orange County and Los Angeles Professional Wedding & Corporate Disc Jockeys available through Essence Entertainment:
Bryan Wagstaff
Paul Ullrich
Sean Tayco
Bobby Kranc
Joel Miller
Jack Mitchell
Thanks, guys – well done!


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