Birthday Party in Orange – 60′s Theme!

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60′s Theme Birthday Party

A fabulous 60′s theme Birthday Party was produced by Essence Entertainment last Sunday in Orange.

The groovy affair was totally decked out with 60′s Theme decor, food and entertainment.  Even most of the 125 guests dressed the part, wearing mod 60′s theme rags.  Tie die, peace signs, and fringe was the name of the game!

60's theme birthday party

Birthday Girl Valerie

60′s theme Birthday Girl Valerie especially enjoyed the groovy happening!  The 2,400 photos taken at the event showed Valerie having a blast in every shot!

60's theme party

Judy with Jeff and Eric


This boss event was possible due to the many excellent vendors working together.  Designed and produced by Essence Entertainment’s Judy Kuri, all of the participating vendors contributed to the party’s success.


Birthday Party 60's theme

DJ Eric



DJ/MC Eric Miles held things together with his 60′s theme music and karaoke – many performers took hold of the microphone and enhanced the birthday party with their singing!




Comedy, Juggling and Close Up Magic were provided by Jeff Abbitt, Abbitt the Average .  He’s a big ham and was another one of those people who were having a great time in every photo.

Birthday Party 60's theme

Jeff Abbit the Average

Catering was brought in by Spectacular Catering – complete with cupcakes covered in peace signs. 60's theme party


Birthday 60's theme

Ice Luge



The Ice Luge serving martini’s was one of Valerie’s favorite parts, created and served by Carving Ice.


All of the props and decor were brought in by BTB – Best of the Best Event Productions and Party Rentals.  They provided just the right effect for this 60′s theme birthday party.

Even a Flash Mob came in and did their thing – so much fun!

Birthday party 60's theme

“Otis Day”


What was the highlight of the 60′s theme birthday party?   Why, it was when “Otis Day” (Dewayne Jessie) of “Otis Day and the Knights” arrived to wish Valerie a Happy Birthday!  The Otis Day and the Knights band was originally created as a fictional band to perform in the movie “National Lampoon’s Animal House”.  The band is best known of course for their versions of “Shout” and “Shama Lama Ding Dong”.

theme party 60's party 60's theme 60's theme party


Valerie and her friends had a ball dancing and singing along as Otis entertained all of the guests with his terrific 60′s theme renditions.

How Do I Choose My First Dance Wedding Song?

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Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming at times…and even a routine formality can be hard to approach and decide upon.

One of these is picking your First Dance Wedding Song.  It may be something you’ve been thinking about for a long time and you know just the song you want to use!  That’s great!

Or…you don’t have a song in mind, and you’re not sure where to begin…and there are SO MANY songs to choose from…how do I start!

Here are some helpful tips from TheKnotTV about how to go about picking a song for your First Dance as well as a few specific suggestions.

See also our Ask Mike! videos:  Ask Mike! Video Playlist.

There is also an attached article (see below) that has a list of suggestions.

Image representing The Knot as depicted in Cru...

Your First Dance should be something you look forward to – not to mention, it’s a rare private moment with your new spouse on an otherwise busy day.  So pick a song you love… a song which is meaningful to you and your fiance… a song which is sentimental to your family (i.e., the song your parents used at their wedding)… a song you can easily and comfortably dance to… a song that is a reflection of your personalities…

Anything goes – this is your moment – pick the song YOU want!!  :)

Hope this helped!  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want some additional assistance with this part of your wedding day!


Featured Performer – DJ Paul Ullrich

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So sorry if Bastille Day Video was not visible in your previous email – please click here for easy access to the previous Blog Post where video is viewable.  Thanks!

DJ Paul Ullrich

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

DJ Paul came by today – always great to have our performers swing by for a visit!  Great seeing you, Paul!  (Enjoy his video below!)

“Thank you to our DJ, Paul, for an amazing job at our company’s holiday party. Paul has a great personality and is extremely professional. His extensive knowledge of music allowed him to keep all age ranges at our party entertained. The dance floor was packed all night!”

- Jamie (St. Regis Hotel)

“Our guests enjoyed Paul. Good variety of music. He had a lot of music that was requested.”

- Cumming Corporation Holiday Party (Pala Casino & Grand Cabaret)

Just one more example of our fabulous DJs!

Paul can also provide live vocals at your event, if requested.

Unici Casa Bastille Day Event VIDEO

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As promised, here’s a peek into the fabulous event in which we participated on Saturday, July 14th, 2012.

Thanks to John at Godfather Films for putting this together!

Please help support all of the fabulous vendors who made this event such a success!  (See List with Links to Websites on previous Post; see Credits at end of film.)

(Essence Entertainment had the great pleasure and honor in providing all live and costumed entertainment for this event!)


Unici Casa Bastille Day Celebration Event

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Mike at Unici Casa Event

It’s so nice when someone takes the time to write a note of appreciation…

Roger Hampton, General Manager, Unici Casa, just sent Mike a ‘thank you’ regarding Essence Entertainment’s contribution to the Unici Casa Bastille Day Celebration event held on Saturday, July 14, 2012, at their property in Culver City, CA.  It’s nice to hear when a production team like Roger and Michael Foroutan, Artistic Director/Founder/CEO, of a fabulous site like Unici Casa have confidence in what you do!

Mike, you are the wizard of entertainment.  It’s no wonder you have 18 gigs a weekend!  The mime with his fabulous vintage costume, chico the stilt walker was perfect with his harlequin costume and little umbrella, the accordion player was awesome.  Your band kept the majority of the attention and they were so gracious for the changes of announcements, totally won everyone over!  The live table and her court…seriously?  Beyond what I expected…always stayed in character and so entertaining and gorgeous!  The girl on our bed in Casa Murano…(thank you to Michael Foroutan for this idea and especially to Mike Steffens from Essence for making it happen in the final hours) she was a major hit!  Sean your DJ kept them pumping and was so gracious about our guest DJ’s appearance.  You never cease to amaze me with the arsenal of entertainment at your finger tips!                    - Roger Hampton, Unici Casa

Wow – you can’t buy, beg, borrow or steal that kind of endorsement!

Thank you, Roger, and thanks to the rest of your terrific team at Unici Casa!

(See list of all participating vendors below slide show.)

Other people are talking:

Christina Logan,, RoK Events, Unici Casa. Lloyd Klein.

Enjoy a few pics from Mike’s cell phone.  We’ll get the professional shots out soon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The fabulous Team that made it all happen:

Unici Casa
Essence Entertainment
24 Carrots Catering
RoK Events
BTB Event Production
Stretta Apparel
Line 204
Archive Vintage Rentals
Rayce PR and Marketing
Godfather Films
Gina Sabatella Photography
M&S Valet
Draken Security
Technical Event Partners
Eddie Zaratsian

More on all this to come!

7 Tips to Stay Organized with Wedding Planning

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Here’s a Blog Post from a local Wedding Coordinator, Kerri Hatter – organizing tips are always handy to have!  Thanks, Kerri!

7 Tips to Stay Organized

June 19th, 2012

It’s officially “wedding season” so for many of you, crunch time is quickly approaching as you figure out the final details of your big day.  No doubt about  it, planning for a wedding can be stressful, but you can handle the stress by staying organized rather than turning into a bridezilla!  Aside from the obvious – hiring a coordinator, below are some other  tips that will be sure to keep you organized and let you relax and enjoy the big day.

  1. First, I recommend buying a calendar and a wedding-specific binder. Make dividers for each section and keep all contracts, vendor information, and timelines in the binder so it’s easy to find. Mark up the calendar with days for when items need to be accomplished.
  2. Share duties with your partner. Make your groom feel like he has a part in the planning (remember this is his day too). By talking and sharing, you both will be able to foresee and avoid any future problems.  Grooms come up with some of the best ideas too, so make sure to include him and let him add his personal touch to the big day too.
  3. Set aside specific days to accomplish tasks and enlist friends and family to help.  It takes so much less time to stuff envelopes and assemble favors when you do it as a team and it’s an easy way to let people help. You will get a lot more done by using your specific wedding planning days and you will feel much more relaxed during your time off.  It’s also important to be flexible when planning so you don’t get bogged down.
  4. Figure out a budget on paper. Find out who will be paying for the wedding and come up with numbers for each category, ie: food, music, flowers…  and don’t forget tipping and misc. last minutes items!
  5. Create a timeline for the week of the wedding.  Make sure you allow enough time for all your tasks to be completed, ie: when to pick up tuxes, dropping off items to your venue, hair/makeup…
  6. Make decisions and then move on.  There is so much information available to us these days that you can go crazy looking at websites and seeing new ideas.  Once you have decided on your floral design, linen colors, table numbers, etc. then stop looking at those items on line!
  7. Of course, hire a coordinator!  If you have put this much time into your planning, leave it to the experts to execute it for you the day of the wedding.

You can find Kerri and many other helpful vendors at ABC – Association of Bridal Consultants.  Here’s a link to my local chapter in Orange County, CA.  However, visit the national website to find a chapter in your area!

Do you have a great “Elevator Speech”?

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Your 30-second message is not about educating, explaining, or boring your acquaintance; it’s about sparking enough interest to prompt them to do something; ask for your card, introduce you to someone you should know, or even make an appointment to learn more.  If you give them a reason to want to know more, they will act on their instinct.

Many of you are business owners or are in sales of some sort…and you have many opportunities to meet new people, talk about what you do, and create new relationships.

That said, one of the most powerful tools to have is a strong, memorable Elevator Speech (or Elevator Pitch or Elevator Statement), with a solid Call To Action.

What is an Elevator Speech?  Here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

An elevator pitch (or elevator speech or elevator statement) is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product, service, or organization and its value proposition.  The name “elevator pitch” reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes.  In The Perfect Elevator Speech, Aileen Pincus states that an elevator speech should “sum up unique aspects of your service or product in a way that excites others.”

So…you may be at a Networking Meeting…or a Social Affair…or a Business Meeting…or literally in an elevator – and you may have anywhere from 20 seconds to two minutes to introduce yourself, explain what you do, state what you are looking for, and request a call to action…can you do it?  Will you be memorable / noticed?  Will you get results?

The Elevator Speech is NOT easy to do!  It takes forethought and lots of practice.  You also need to have more than one version, as different situations (i.e., different audiences /demographics) require different approaches.

Here are just a few resources to get you started – go to Google and do some more research:

There are many resources on-line – poke around…read some articles…watch some YouTube videos…

I don’t necessarily agree with what everybody says about writing and presenting an Elevator Speech, but, in general, there are lots of good tips on how to approach the project.

Things to remember:

  • Share your passion!
  • Use body language, gestures and facial expressions
  • It’s not what you say, it’s HOW you say it
  • It’s NOT a sales pitch – it’s just the opener
  • Keep it simple – don’t use a lot of fancy jargon
  • Use question(s) to get people engaged
  • Practice, practice, practice!!

Do you have an Elevator Speech?  Let’s hear it…  :)

You don’t?  Then get busy – write it and practice it!!  Be prepared for your next opportunity to create a relationship!


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